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DonkeyXoté gets a Mani Pedi

My friend Kevin the Farrier came by to give me a pedicure. I always feel very chic after his visits, though he won't let me pick my polish. My feet are coming along beautifully and my new diet is slimming me down, though I’m not so much a fan. He says I’m the best looking donkey he sees, though I wasn’t always in such amazing shape.

When I first was hired by ThistleDew Farm for my position as Guardian of the Flock, my feet were really overgrown. My hooves were so long it looked like I was sporting traditional Turkish slippers. Here’s a picture of me when I came to live here. My feet hadn’t been trimmed in many years!

To make things worse, I was a bit portly. I had a rump bump and some extra rolls on the sides of my neck. Here’s me in my driving harness and you can see it accentuates my trouble spots.

Under Kevin’s care my feet stopped hurting and I can really give those cows a chase to put them in their place. He comes every 8 weeks and I hardly ever kick at him anymore - just enough so nobody can say I’m a pushover, because sometimes he does still touch a little tender spot where my hoof hasn’t fully healed yet.

-- DonkeyXoté

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