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Center for Alternative Technology

& Restorative Agriculture 

Growing community of people passionate about finding solutions to climate and societal challenges through alternative technologies and restoring the balance of natural systems.  We believe in abundance through rejuvenation of ecosystems and renewable energy.  Collective experience of dedicated participants from all fields and backgrounds including permaculture design, regenerative agriculture, ecology, engineering, veterinary medicine and many others.

Ongoing and future projects:

Solar energy capture

Solar workshop design

Passive solar water heating

Solar powered fencing

Solar wood drying kiln

Solar food dehydrator


Rainwater harvesting

Water conservation in soils

Trapping water with soil structure

Permaculture designed water collection


Prevention of Agricultural runoff

Composting Human waste systems for water conservation


Mixed species managed intensive grazing

sheep, goats, cattle, donkey, chickens, geese, pigs, ducks
Biodiverse soil life, bacteria, fungi, microarthropods

Active thermal Composting

Korean Natural Farming

Johnson-Su Bioreactor

Large scale vermicomposting

Biochar Production

Green Manure through cover crops and chop and drop systems

Biodiverse Ecosystems

Natural pest control & Habitat restoration for 

Beneficial insects - control insect pests

Birds of prey (owls) - control rodents

Pollinators - Bees and Butterflies

Tree Swallows - Fly control

Bats - Mosquito control

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