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Ann Vetter

Farm Health Manager

Ann Vetter, DVM is responsible for the health of the farm, from the animals to the trees and the soil, all things living are in her devoted care.


Livestock Guardian

DonkeyXoté is not afraid of hard work, and will gladly work for carrots and rubs.  He is everyone's favorite and an invaluable part of our team, keeping our sheep, chickens and goats safe day and night.


Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Search and Destroy Team

Our team leader, Celeste is expert at targeting the interlopers: buckthorn, poison ivy, garlic mustard, honeysuckle - taking them out, one bite at a time.  Along with her kids, Astrid, Pandora and Haley and their auntie Moonshadow, those brambles don't stand a chance.  Of course, they'd also happily eat the flowers too!

Meet the Staff: Meet the Team

Meet Our Farmers


Mini Zebu and Jersey cattle

Land restoration


KuneKune pigs

Plowing and Keeping the Orchards Tidy

 Black Welsh Mountain Heritage Sheep

Forage Management, Wool


Angora Goats

Stand around and look pretty!

Meet the Staff: Meet the Team
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